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Pretty In Pink

March 24, 2015



The finished seatCustom foam to change a flat Triumph Bonneville seat into a hump backed Thruxton profile for a sportier look.


the finished seat

Bright, vibrant pink thread was chosen to match the bike’s newly powder coated handle bars as the only bright details on this all black Bonne.


the finished seat

Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica

Harley Solo Seat

March 17, 2015


  the finished seat

Very thin, slightly sloped custom foam over a custom seat pan.


 the finished seat

Olive drab leather, custom cover with a black leather racing stripe.


 the finished seat

Nice and clean style for a slim, custom Harley.

Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica

Triumph Bonneville

March 16, 2015

551462_10152645375949608_6157081694501946460_nthe finished seat

Western saddle inspired brown leather seat with raised ribs for a modern Triumph Bonneville.

10371913_10152645377804608_8886137653290292177_nthe finished seat

This seat was also a surprise Christmas gift for the owner from his girlfriend. Glad I could help make it happen!

Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica

Mama Tried

March 11, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 5.23.49 PM

Though I was bummed to not be able to make it out to Mama Tried this year, I’m thrilled that two Via Meccanica seats were featured on two gorgeous builds!


The 1940 Widow Jane Custom Vincent By Keino Cycles


The 1949 Harley Panhead Swingarm Chopper by Visionary Cycle Products

Thanks for the photos Jay McBride. Can’t wait ’til next year!

Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica

1949 Harley Panhead Swingarm Chopper

March 10, 2015


The finished seat

Custom foam and inset raised ribs on black vinyl for a Visionary Cycle Products custom 1949 Harley Panhead swing arm chopper.

10959719_10152808142779608_2108425496675884188_nthe finished seat

The bike done and ready to head down to Mama Tried in Milwaukee!


Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica

Extracurricular: Adventures in riding ice.

March 9, 2015

15_0207_IceRacing_116APhoto by Ryan Handt Photography

Winter in New York is always hard for motorcyclists. As ice and snow cover the streets, we put our bikes in storage, and spend hours reminiscing about summer, longing for spring, and cursing the Instagram feeds of our friends in warmer climates. This year has been particularly long and hard, and so I decided to make the most of it and use every minute and dime I had repairing and sprucing up my two bikes, as well as learning something new! I’ve done a little bit of flattrack, by way of American Supercamp a few years back, and last year on the track with the help of fellow Miss-Fire Kara (Check out that story HERE). Kara races with Five & Dime Racing and just split town to defend the #1 plate in her class (read her story HERE). So this winter, my goal was a similar, but even crazier sounding sport, Ice Riding! 10958105_10152781396219608_2131454933300648927_n

drilling screws into tires for grip.

It took a few weeks of talking to friends, asking technical questions, and inquiring about secret locations, but after not too long, I’d found a schedule for races 3 hours away and hopped in the car with some buddy’s to check it out. In short, it was everything I’d hoped for, cold, crazy, and so much fun to watch. 10959428_10152778193969608_5412551401672415874_n We had a great day, and that started the ball rolling. More friends popped up with advice, and even offered to take me up to a private track on a river upstate. So, after getting the best text ever (above), I ran on over to Works Engineering and we spent several nights eating pizza, drinking beer and drilling thousands of screws into knobby tires. 15_0207_IceRacing_123A

Photo by Ryan Handt Photography

Bright and early the next morning, we packed up the trucks, and headed upstate. The track was cleared and waiting for us along with a fire pit to keep warm in between turns courtesy of our gracious hosts, a lovely couple who race motorcycles, including flattrack. 15_0207_IceRacing_253A

Jason wailing around a turn. Photo by Ryan Handt Photography

It was great to watch everyone from the kids to the pros, find their way around the track. and I quickly came to understand the techniques that had been explained to me prior.

15_0207_IceRacing_036AOur host Scott. Photo by Ryan Handt Photography

On dirttrack (or flattrack), you accelerate down the straight-aways, then lean and slide he bike around the turns with your leg extended out and into the turn, and that arm pushing into the handlebars, while your outside arm is raised high, and that leg is on the pegs and pushing against the tank. Looking all the while far down the track. That lesson of looking where I want the bike to go and it will go there, is something I originally learned riding horses years ago and it’s still one of the most valuable lessons I ever learned in regards to motorcycling, and I use it every day.

15_0207_IceRacing_087AMe. Photo by Ryan Handt Photography

With the addition of the screws into the tires, the amount of grip is surprising. I had envisioned sliding all over slick ice, as if I was ice skating in dress shoes but in fact, The bike felt completely in control, and powered through the ice with grace and stability. Getting it to slide was indeed very similar to conditions of a dirttrack and after only a few turns, though I was slow and wobbly, I was starting to get it! 10422081_10204986844285987_8262805879471695761_n

Me. Photo By Miss-Fire Erika

Being new to not just ice riding, but motorcycle as off-road sport in general, gear was daunting. I did a bunch of research and found that it’s very similar to motocross, with some cold weather additions. You want to be warm, protected, and yet still able to have a full range of motion. I also found that an open MX helmet and Goggle combo was necessary as a full face helmet with flip down shield was prone to fogging badly. Huge thank you to Rev’it, Motorcycle House, Ugly BrosMetro Racing, and Hell On Wheels MC for supporting ATGATT and women who ride! 1794815_10152773331259608_6015881852506598489_n Gear from head to toe: Thor Quadrant Solid Helmet, Ride 100% Barstow Legend GogglesRC2 race Collar, Rev’it Galactic (fully armored) Ladies jacket, Rev’it (base layer) Trinity Shirt, Rev’it (base layer) Trinity Pants, Ugly Bros TONUP-G padded jeansMetro Racing (water/weather repellant) Riding pantsThor Blitz womens boots, and TWO pairs of knee high Moto Socks! 15_0207_IceRacing_057A

Photo by Ryan Handt Photography


Jeanette. Photo by Ryan Handt Photography

Jeanette (above) riding her first day on ice. She got her foot down on the very next lap!15_0207_IceRacing_080AErik showing Henry the track. Photo by Ryan Handt Photography

All in all, an amazing day spent with friends learning a new skill and challenging myself with every turn on the track, and the only think that’s almost made me wish winter will last just a little longer…ALMOST. Corinna Mantlo Proud Miss-Fire: 1968 BSA Lightning 650, 1971 Yamaha At1 125, 1962 Ford Ranchero


March 5, 2015

541602_10152671269304608_5155881169797957254_nthe finished drum throne

Intricate applique, patch and stitch work is one of my favorite things to do. It’s tedious but so worth it. This custom drum throne for Aaron of Two Man Advantage was a gift, commissioned by his wife.

10295680_10152645896769608_868864598644280865_nthe seat in progress

Once the custom, black leather seat cover was made, 4 layers of hand drawn, cut and stitched leather are stacked to create the ‘Chuckles’ monkey face and name. Then contrast top-stitching brings out details to subtle for cut work.


the seat in progress

Thrilled to be able to help make a surprise gift happen for an awesome couple of friends!

Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica


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