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Widow Jane Vincent Custom By Keino Cycles

November 23, 2014




the finished seat

Soft black leather racer seat with long raised ribs and handmade piping, for the “Widow Jane Vincent”, a custom build by Keino Cycles, for Widow Jane  distillery in Redhook, Brooklyn.






the finished seat and bike at the Brooklyn Invitational

The finished bike was recently featured in the 6th Annual Brooklyn Invitational Motorcycle Show.


the finished seat and bike at the Brooklyn Invitational

 A custom Vincent isn’t something you see everyday, but Keino pulled it off as always, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the build!

Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica

Juke Box Meccanica

November 21, 2014


From my obsession with motorcycle and hot rod movies, inevitably comes an equal obsession with moto movie soundtracks and vehicular tunes in general. I’ve collected the records for years, and have compiled on youtube, a digital JUKE BOX where you can listen along, as well as regularly posting songs to the Cine Meccanica Facebook page. So, it wasn’t a huge surprise when I was contacted by journalist Jeffrey Zani to do a piece on the Tunes of Cine Meccanica.

We sat down last summer in my Brooklyn studio, listened to records and talked about everything from the history of vehicular cinema to the music they feature, to the genre hot rod songs and motorcycle centric music. Think Hot Rod Lincoln, and Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots (the first biker song, read all about it HERE)

But then, low and behold, where did the article end up…Why Rolling Stone Italia of course! 

Check out the print version (here) and the online version of the November 2014 issue of Rolling Stone Italia,The Perfect Motorcycle Playlist. complete with a listen along playlist.


Corinna Mantlo

rollingstonezani 003

M.C.M.F. Custom Harley

November 15, 2014

10590520_10152424814324608_7954719343183076914_nBefore (top left) and after (right and bottom left)

Dramatically changed profile. Black leather, white diamonds, white leather M.C.M.F inlay and topstitched detailing.

1972373_10152424157734608_2584597167378052560_nhand cut lettering

Each letter is hand drawn, and traced onto the leather. Letters are then hand cut and white leather placed underneath. Leather is stitched down with black thread and then accented with white thread.

10347227_10152424802574608_6856271326871717403_nthe finished seat

M.C.M.F. Custom foam (back raised considerably and slanted forward, sides shaved, rider seat cut back) Black leather. White diamonds. White leather inlay and top stitched detailing. Super custom for a Hipster Killer Harley.


Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica


November 1, 2014


photo 2the finished set

This all black Harley recently got an airbrushed tank with a religious scene including a pack of lions. The idea for the upholstery was to match the yellow of the lion’s mane.

photo 1the set before

I covered the solo seat, passenger pad, backrest and grips in supple, warn yellow/tan leather and finished it all off with maroon op stitching to match accent colors in the paint and powder coat details.

Can’t wait to see the bike all finished up!


Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica

Honda CB350 Custom

October 29, 2014

photo 1the finished seat

This cute ‘lil Honda recently got a full makeover to become a totally custom cafe style build.

10563151_10152369393179608_298830659103221697_nthe finished seat

 For the seat, I did full custom, slope back foam with heigh changes to fit the tank and profile of the bike perfectly.

photo 2the finished seat

For the cover I used a beautiful, soft “museum” brown leather that will age to look like a well loved reading room sofa.

photo 3the finished seat

The cover was then finished with tan stitching for the raised ribs, for a nice modern. classic look.

Go fast little Honda!


Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica


October 24, 2014

10641016_10152416057684608_6399669904809941225_nthe finished seat

Historical re-imagining of an original Ducati seat (shown below) to complete a beautiful and meticulously restored Ducati by Moto Borgotaro.

photo (2)the seat before

The original was made of vinyl, with a pressed in design and we wanted to retain the history of the bike while making it even more custom and awesome.

10462313_10152416049144608_4267015492189009709_nthe finished seat

Soft black leather, black topstitching, belt strap and Ducati logo back in place, just a little slicker.

photo 4

hand lettering the Duc.

If you’re in NY, head on over to Moto Borgotaro and Union Garage tomorrow for a party!


Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica

2nd Annual MFF Trophies

October 22, 2014



The 2nd annual Motorcycle Film Festival (which I co-founded) wrapped just a few weeks ago in NY and is on its way around the globe to bring the films to a town near you soon. I couldn’t be more proud of this project and one thing i take great pride in, is making the trophies each year. It’s a way for me to give something personal to each winning filmmaker to acknowledge their hard work and dedication to their craft.


This year I used the winning “Motorcycle Chain Laurels”  that my dear friend Greaser Mike created for us. Each trophy was laid out in different colored leather depending on category, hand cut, then backed with silver leather. Each one also has one gold leather “master link” in the moto chain. A subtle homage to the artist’s gold tooth. 10710737_10152467636524608_4378205002486707689_n

Biltwell graciously provided the base for the trophies again this year, and Fifty 50 Cycles stepped in to make killer stands to match them. Thanks guys!


While I hand lettered the backs,  the guys over at Arcane Moto snagged the bases at the last minute and powder coated them to match the pans! Truly a community effort. I have the best friends a gearhead girl could ask for. Can’t wait ’til next year!


Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

IG @miss1932 #viameccanica


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