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Triumph Flat Tracker

January 23, 2013

Triumph Flat Tracker after 4

(The finished seat)

This Sixth Street Racing team Triumph 750, built on a Champion ’74 frame by Sixth Street Specials, #23, got a complete make over last month, just in time for NYC Vin Moto booth at The International Motorcycle Show in NY, from it’s grey and white understated paint scheme seen below.

Triumph 750 Flattracker(Triumph Flat Tracker #23, bike & seat before)

The new, custom paint job on #23 is by Fritz, of Spritz By Fritz.
and includes two kinds of gold leaf, silver leaf, inset lace, crushed glass, and an abundance of pin-striping.

Triumph Flat Tracker after 2 (The finished seat)

To compliment the bike, I shaped foam over a custom fiberglass pan to follow the lines of the bike and add a bit of simplicity amid the paint detailing.

You can see the difference in the line of the bike due to the new seat as compared to the original seat below.

Triumph 750 Flattracker 2

(some of the Sixth Street Racing fleet at the 2012 NYCVMS Full Tilt show)

The BSA Goldstar in the back sports a seat I restored (read the Post),

and the #278 Triumph up front was also painted by Fritz. He does Amazing work!

Corinna Mantlo

Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery

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  1. February 8, 2013 8:35 pm

    …this bike was awesome and attracted a ton of attention at the moto show


  1. Vintage Dirt Track | Via Meccanica

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